ProTherm Quantum®’s advanced Vacuum Insulation Panel system is specifically developed for the inverted roof. The system has been designed to dramatically reduce the depth of a finished roof system; providing the solution to counter low upstands against the increasing thickness of traditional EPS & XPS products, specified in order to meet more stringent thermal demands.

Where is it best used?

On balconies and terraces where there is a requirement for thermal performance, and any insulated area where depth is critical to the overall construction.

What can it help to deliver?

  • Exceptional thermal performance
  • 75mm threshold clearance
  • Level threshold to external balcony
  • Exceptional thermal performance = Building Regulation Part L compliance
  • 75mm threshold clearance = NGBC Chapter 7.1 compliance
  • Level threshold to external balcony = Building Regulation Part M compliance

What does it save?

ProTherm Quantum® delivers an exceptional reduction in overall depth compared to a traditional inverted system. To see how ProTherm Quantum can achieve your target u value and reduce your threshold height click here.

The depth of board to achieve an R-value or 6.250m2 K/W - rounded up to the nearest standard depth.

ProTherm Quantum panel

The world's thinnest inverted roof insulation

ProTherm Quantum® BBA Certificates for Pure and Hybrid systems

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