ProTherm Quantum panel

The world's thinnest inverted roof insulation

ProTherm Quantum® BBA Certificates for Pure and Hybrid systems

A ProTherm Quantum® Hybrid inverted roof system is our most popular solution. Using a combination of both XPS and Quantum® we can normally supply an exceptional thermal outcome without compromising the internal upstand and deliver the ability to maintain a level floor between both internal & external spaces. Click here for BBA Certificate.

A ProTherm Quantum® Pure inverted roof system is the thinnest solution possible where the severe lack of space calls for using just the Quantum® panel. Even in these challenging conditions this system will offer outstanding results. Click here for BBA Certificate.

See our U-value calculation chart.

Performance and thermal efficiency

Central to both systems’ outstanding thermal performance is the Quantum® Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP). Manufactured in a UK based, state-of-the-art production facility, the Quantum® VIP panels achieve an aged thermal conductivity design value of 0.007 W/mK – the thinnest possible inverted insulation solution available today.

Consisting of a microporous fumed silica core, evacuated of air and moisture prior to being encased and sealed in special, gas-tight, aluminium foil, Quantum® VIP panels are manufactured in a range of sizes and thickness to enable installation as complete boards. This helps ensure optimum thermal performance is achieved across the balcony/terrace area. Where penetrations are required, or where infilling is necessary to accommodate a specific shape or size, thermoset boards can be used. These are manufactured to the same thickness as the Quantum® VIP and are easily cut to suit detailing or infill areas.

ProTherm Quantum® Hybrid

ProTherm Quantum® Pure

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